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Born from traditional Swedish Craftsmanship

Our Heritage

Skaga is the Marchon house-brand renowned for its Swedish traditional, authentic and genuine aesthetic and craftsmanship, with a history that begun as early as in 1948.

The brand originated from Småland among sparkling lakes and deep forests. With its skilled and genuine craftsmanship Skaga have designed, developed and at times manufactured eyewear frames at Jönköping for 70 years. Skaga has an authentic heritage, a long design tradition and history that few brands can rival. Skaga have found a classic and timeless way to balance a good form with function and design, constantly striving to be at the forefront in terms of both high quality and design. That has made Skaga into a leading brand in Scandinavia. Skaga can also take pride in being the only Swedish eyewear company granted the Royal Warrant Holder title. For decades, this quality mark has become distinctive for the brands Swedish design and is a prestigious title that you carry with honor.

The eyewear collection has a clean and elegant design that attracts the aware consumer who wants to radiate a unique expression and strengthen their identity and personality. Prince Sigvard Bernadotte is one of many famous Swedish designers who have put their imprint on the brand and designed Skaga eyewear frames for many years. Along with other designers who shared his passion for form, quality and thoughtful details they have created eyewear collections with a finish of elegant Scandinavian design with a contemporary expression.



Lajoz Lázár, manufacturer from Budapest, was in the deep forest of Småland, Sweden, on a business trip, when he learnt about the commandeering of his factory in Hungary. With his background in eyewear manufacturing and a great deal of entrepreneurship he started a small eyewear business in an old brush factory in Jönköping, Sweden.



Skaga eyeglasses began to be sold outside Sweden.



Erik Ljungquist was the company’s first full-time design employee. He started in the early 1960s and remained there for 40 years.



During the 1960s and 70s, several other renowned Swedish designers were also commissioned to collaborate with Skaga.

The most peculiar and impactful have been SIGVARD BERNADOTTE, CARL-ARNE BREGER and SIGHSTEN HERRGARD.



Carl-arne Breger was a famous Swedish industrial designer. In the 1950´s and 60’s he created thousands of everyday objects in plastic cheerful colors. Many of those objects are today Swedish design classics.

In 1966 he designed an exclusive collection called Soaré with precious material such as gold, pearls and diamonds.



Sigvard Bernadotte was a Swedish count, born a prince, son of King Gustaf VI Adolf and Princess Margaret of Connaught. 

Illustrator and internationally renowned industrial designer, in the 1960s to the 70´s, Bernadotte designed sophisticated frames for several Skaga collections, which have also inspired the caspule launched for the Skaga 70th Anniversary in 2018.



Sighsten Herrgård was a fashion designer and trendsetter who marked a turning point for Swedish fashion during the 1960s.

Pioneer of modern Swedish men’s fashion, he is considered the one who introduced Swedish fashion to the international market. During the 1970s, Sighsten Skaga Eyewear collections were featuring highly trendy styles, appealing both to men and women.



Today, as the leading eyewear company in Scandinavia, the Skaga legacy continues.